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    Mrs. Haddad loves emails:   khaddad@lcps.org
    Her schedule:  

    A day, Room A12

    Block ½ - Honors

    Block ¾ - Academic with Mrs. Shelton

    Block ⅚ - Honors, then lunch

    Block ⅞ - Planning time/Lightyears team meeting

    B day, Room A12

    Block ½ - Planning time/8th grade English teacher meeting time

    Block ¾ - Academic with Mrs. Shelton

    Block ⅚ - Honors

    Block ⅞ - Academic with Mrs. Shelton

    Welcome back!!!!!
     cat book

    She is a National Board Certified Teacher of English (NBCT)!  According to statistics, middle school English teachers in Virginia that are  National Board Certified Teachers make up only one half of one percent of all middle school English teachers!!!      

    Go Hokies!  She spent two years at VA Tech in engineering with a major in Science and Mechanics before switching into Clothing and Textiles where she happily graduated with a Bachelor's in Fashion Merchandising. 

    George Mason was one of her destinations prior to teaching at Sterling Middle School, where she earned a Master's degree in Education.

    She has spent all her teaching years with PRIDE at Sterling Middle School enjoying the art and mastery that goes along with teaching English in all three grades!  This year is her 26th year and she's back in eighth grade having looped up with her advisory class each year!  She hopes to see a lot of my former students in her classes but can hardly wait to get to know her students!

     If you are one of her former students or you're one of her newbies, feel free to email anytime  Karin.Haddad@lcps.org  to tell her how well you're doing and what great books you're reading. 




    Homelife includes a patient husband, a UVA graduate, Alia, and an 18 year old first year at UVA, Nick, her son.  She owns two feisty cats named Dexter and Beebop, who are both lucky 13 years olds.



    Mrs. Haddad’s Wishlist for Parents!

    For the students use:

    ***Tissue boxes

    ***Pencils for the class collection

    ***Post its / Sticky note pads – large and small – any colors

    For the classroom environment:

    *** pillows or lawn chair seat cushions that can be used with chairs or camp chairs that we can use!

    ***lightbulbs that fit standard lamps, 40W pref.