• Welcome to Ms. Berman's 6th Grade English!
    I have enjoyed working with students from Kindergarten through 6th grade.  I graduated from the University of Florida, completed courses in the Graduate program in UNC Chartlotte and Jacksonville University.  I am originally from New York and moved to Virginia in 2004, as my final destination.   I have 3 beautiful sons who live in Austin Texas and I love to share my family stories with my students.  I continue my studies in best practices for teaching through graduate level courses through George Mason University and the Teacher's College in Columbia, NY.  This summer I enjoyed working again with Columbia University teachers to improve writing strategies taught in middles school classrooms.   I create an inviting classroom where students can choose the books they want to read and the topics they want to write about.  This workshop approach to teaching English will empower students to think more deeply about our world, to figure out their own views and their place in society.  I want my students to discover that reading and writing can change how they think about the world and how it will help them find their own individual path for a successful future.  I am looking forward to begin our reading and writing journey together!
    Contact information: donna.berman@lcps.org
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Last Modified on August 30, 2018