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Mr. Rick Peck

Learning rocks!!! Welcome to the 2020-21 school year.

          A student once asked me, knowing that I had taught science for over 15 years, "Mr. Peck, why are you stopping teaching science?" My response was that I had just picked up a lot of OTHER things to teach, not just science. For example, the many things economics and finance related that I had spent a whole different career engaged in. It's all about learning cool stuff. And that's my view, which goes to the mission statement of Seneca, part of which reads "who value learning as a life-long process."

          One of the best ways I can have an impact on youngsters I encounter in the classroom, in Google Meet rooms, and in the halls of Seneca (should we ever get there), is to model behaviors that demonstrate a passion for learning, and not just for its own sake, but also because it often provides an opportunity to DO something with that learning. It's a voyage of discovery, and one where the journey is both about doing something at the destination as well as learning about it. I look forward to the journey.


Last Modified on April 20, 2021