I am Mr. Miller, the 8th Grade Civics teacher on the Mountaineer Team here at Blue Ridge Middle School. This is my nineteenth year at Blue Ridge, and I thoroughly enjoy teaching at this school. This is my second career - I spent twenty years of my life in the United States Navy as an Air Traffic Controller, retiring in 2000. I have traveled all around the world and spent time in many countries - this helps me bring perspective in my teaching, as well as relate interesting stories to the students now and then. I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Professional Aeronautics and a Master of Science Degree in Education while I was in the service, and chose to teach when I retired from the Navy. I decided to teach because I love kids and really wanted to have a positive influence on students while learning. I am qualified to teach Math 6-8 and Algebra, as well as Social Studies.
    Civics and Economics encompasses studying and learning about our government - federal, state and local - as well as a rudimentary overview of economics, and its relationship to our government.  In addition, we will learn what it means to be a citizen in our community, the state of Virginia, and the United States of America.  I have been teaching Civics & Economics for some time and my goal as always, is to make this class as interesting as I can while educating my students on the specifics of our government and the nuances of economics.


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    You may contact me at steve.miller@lcps.org