Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Photography Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Painting and Sculpture

Ms. Epperson, Kristin

Ms. Epperson joined RBM staff in 2005.  She started studying art, as a career option, in high school and had the opportunity to experiment with many different types of mediums. With so many choices and ways to express herself in a visual way she decided to pursue being a professional artist.  In high school she attended a summer arts program call Fairfax Institute of the Arts.  The summer after that she attended a pre-college, Ringling School of the Arts in Sarasota, Florida. By her senior year in high school she knew she wanted to be an artist.  To go after her dreams, she knew that she had to attend college, so she went to VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University).  Ms. Epperson started off as a Photography and Film student, but after teaching at a child development center part time, she found that she loved enriching others with the love of art.  In the end, Ms. Epperson received a BFA in Photography and Film, another BFA in Art Education, and a MIS in Painting and Sculpture.  Ms. Epperson also works as a fine artist on the side, occasionally display her work in galleries or in art competitions.  This is going to be a great year, Ms. Epperson can smell creativity in the air!  Good luck and let’s create some wild and crazy art! 



Last Modified on September 1, 2020