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    A1 Physical Science
    Physical Science
    A3 Planning
    A4 Physical Science
    B5 Physical Science
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    B7 Physical Science
    B8 Physical Science
    About Mrs. Breslow:
    Teaching is a second career for me.   I studied Chemical Engineering for 2 years at Drexel University before completing my degree in Biology at Rutgers University.  After graduation, I held various jobs in the private sector related to science & technology.  After that, I stayed home with my children for a few years.  While staying home with my children I discovered my love for teaching.  I then went back to school to become an educator.  I worked in special education for eight years before transitioning to general education. 
    Classroom information:
    Announcements, assignments, calendar, notes & other resources materials are located on
    my class website in Phoenix. 
    Class Expectation:
    My expectation is that students will come prepared for class with a willingness to learn.

    Students will need the following materials for class:                       

    • One three-ring binder with five dividers  
    • Pens and pencils with functioning erasers
    • Chrome book
    • Agenda


    Homework assignments will be written on the classroom whiteboard daily, for the students to record in their agenda.  Students are expected to write down ALL homework assignments and the dates of upcoming assessments within the first five minutes of class.
    Since one lesson is often built upon an earlier lesson, it is important that students who are absent from class to attempt to catch up as soon as they can.  Students should check my homework/test calendar, located on my Phoenix webpage, for class and homework materials. 
    It is the responsibility of the student to collect missing notes and work. 
    Additional Resources


    Virginia Standards of Learning for eighth grade science (as well as all other classes) can be found at