Bleu Webb  


    Hello and thank you for visiting my Biography page. 


    My name is Bleu Webb. Originally from the Midwest, I grew up in a rough neighborhood on the northwest side of Chicago, in a family comprised mostly of artists.  This is where I spent most of my life, but I’ve also lived in several states across the United States, including major cities such as Albuquerque, Seattle, and most recently New York City.  


    A little over 7 years ago as my daughter was ready to start kindergarten, I began researching many different school systems.  With the Loudoun County school system being one of the best in the country, we decided to move just outside of the DC area.  

    At that time, I decided to change my career path and pursue a teaching career as a substitute teacher. Over the past few years, I have taught elementary through high school grade levels and I’ve taught a wide variety of subjects (favoring middle school and high school grade levels). This experience, as a substitute, has only confirmed my desire to be a teacher - seeing firsthand the positive impact teachers have on their students and the ability to bridge the community as a whole.


    Always having had a passion for learning and travel, I’ve visited almost every state in the US and I’ve traveled to different parts of Western Europe (France, Ireland, and Italy). I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Physical Geography with a minor in Geology (Environmental Emphasis) and I’ve also earned an Associates of the Applied Sciences degree in Architectural/Engineering CAD. 


    My background work experience includes environmental recovery and restabilization projects, as well as construction projects (commercial and residential) involving new build, restoration, and remodeling projects. In addition, I have also worked in wildlife rescue, and I’ve continued to foster a lifelong background knowledge of art, music (vocal opera and classic jazz standards), and dance (ballet, tap, swing, and some ballroom). 


    A few years ago, I completed the Career Switcher program offered through Shenandoah University to earn my teaching license. This program is an alternative route for those who have had at least five years of world experience and a college degree, and who have a calling or passion to become teachers. 


    My teaching endorsement area is Technology and Engineering Education (related to my educational background and previous work experiences in the architectural and engineering industry) and Family and Consumer Sciences as I have always felt an interest and a connection to both subject areas. 


    Although I am only at the beginning of my teaching career, I hope my background and teaching approach will illustrate that I am a teacher who is positive, energized, creative, and driven to provide my students the opportunity to expand their capabilities, to support their curiosity and appetite for knowledge, and ultimately give my students encouragement that my favorite teachers provided me throughout my own educational experiences.  



    Ms. Bleu Webb
    Technology and Engineering Education (STEM)



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