Welcome to Mr. Fisher's Class!
    I am very excited to be starting for my 9th year
    at River Bend Middle School!
    If you would like to check your grades or see resources for
    upcoming assessments,please see the Calendar
    If you need to contact me, you can e-mail
    Click HERE for the Online Textbook! It will be about halfway
    down the page.
    Supplies to be bought for class:

    ·         3-ring binder (one inch)

    ·         Loose leaf paper

    ·         A set of tabbed dividers

    ·         Spiral notebook

    ·         Pack of pencils

    ·         Pens (two colors)

    ·         Colored pencils

    ·         Highlighter

    ·         A box of tissues

    A Days:
    1A  History 7                           
    2A  History 7     
    3A  CLT Planning           
    4A  Honors History 7               
    B Days:
    5B  Honors History 7
    6B  History 7
    7B  IT Planning
    8B  Honors History 7
    1st Quarter Curriculum
    • Geography
    • Reconstruction
    • Westward Expansion
    • Big Business, Immigration, and the Progressive Movement
    2nd Quarter Curriculum
    • Big Business, Immigration, and the Progressive Movement
    • Imperialism
    • WWI
    • 1920s
    3rd Quarter Curriculum
    • 1920s and 1930s
    • World War II
    • Cold War
    4th Quarter Curriculum
    • Cold War
    • Civil Rights
    • Late 20th Century People and Technologies
    Short Biographical Information

    • Born in Ventura, California
    • Grew up and currently live in Winchester, Virginia
    • I am married to my wonderful wife, Shannon! We have a dog (Sophie) and a cat (Riley).
    • 2006-B.A. in Political Science from Virginia Tech (Minors in History and Sociology)
    • 2008-M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from Virginia Tech
    • I enjoy watching and playing a wide variety of sports in my free time.
    • History Subject Area Lead Teacher - September 2010-Present

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