• Frequently Asked Questions


     1.  Does my child need an agenda?

    YES.  All students will be given an agenda on the morning of the first day of school which includes the student handbook of school rules and policies.  All students are expected to keep this agenda for the duration of the school year to note assignment due dates, homework, etc; and will be used to write passes for students to leave the classrooms and go other places in the school such as the library, bathroom, teacher rooms, etc.

    Lost or damaged agendas may be replaced through the grade level secretary and/or counselor. 

    2.  What time does the building open each morning? 

    At 8:00 a.m.

    3.  Where do students go when the building is opened at 8:00?

    • 6th graders will report to the main gym between 8:00-8:18 a.m.
    • 7th graders will report to the cafeteria between 8:00-8:18 a.m.
    • 8th graders will report to the back of the auditorium between 8:00-8:18 a.m.
    • Anyone eating breakfast may report to the cafeteria between 8:00-8:25 a.m.

    4.  If my child is late for school, where should I go?  Does my child need a note?

    Any student arriving late to school must check in with the Main Office secretary with a parent note.

    NOTE:  Yes, all students who arrive late or need to leave early must bring in a note.  If leaving early, the note is submitted to the appropriate grade level secretary.

    5.  How can I find out what bus my child should ride to school and the pick up and drop off times?

    This information is posted on the RBM and LCPS websites.

    If you intend for your child to ride the bus on a regular basis it is a good idea to start this on the first day of school so that the LCPS transportation department is able to ensure a pick up and drop off at your child’s designated location

    6.  Is there any transportation available for after school activities?

    Yes.  Activity buses are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays from October 2015 to May 2016.  Buses leave at 4:18.  Please see activity bus schedule on the RBM or LCPS website.

    7.  My child wants to go home with a friend…

      • Do I need to send in a note for my child to ride a different bus?
      • Do I need to send in a note for my child to ride home with another parent?


    YES.  Parents must send a note with their child to school giving permission to ride a different bus home with a friend or to ride home with another parent.  This note is to be submitted to the grade level secretary prior to the start of school.

    8.  Do you have any suggestions to help get my child organized (i.e., accordion file, color coded binder/book covers, etc)?

    YES.  Many teachers have specific requirements for how a student’s class materials are organized.  This information will be given to students during the first week of school and can often be located on the teachers’ homework hotline web page.

    We also recommend you establish a quiet spot at home where your child can regularly do his homework.

    9.   Do we have to buy locks for our child’s locker or gym locker?

    NO.  Lockers in the Grade Level House areas have build in combination locks.  Lockers in the PE locker rooms require a combination lock that will be provided by the PE teachers.

    10.  When do students get lockers?

    Students are issued a locker when they get their class schedules for the year.    

    11.  What are the dimensions of the lockers? 


    Approximately 12” Wide x 13 ½” Deep x 45” Tall

    12.  Can I stay after school (with my parents’ permission) to set up my locker?

              Students may only stay after school with an adult (parent or teacher). 

    13.  What happens if I forget my PE uniform at home?

    Students are allowed to participate in PE if the clothing they are wearing allows (loose, comfortable clothes and PE shoes). 

    14.  How can I put money in my child’s lunch account?

    Payments can be made with cash, check payable to County of Loudoun, or online through Café Prepay (http://www.pay4lunch.com).  A small fee will be added to payments made through Café Prepay.


    15.  What if my child runs out of money on his/her account?


    No charges are allowed.  Cashiers will remind a student before their account is out of money, but if a student has no money in the account he/she will be allowed to get a cheese sandwich and milk at no charge.

    16.  If my child runs out of money in his/her lunch account, can he/she use a sibling’s account to buy lunch that day?

    YES.  But only if the sibling is a RBMS student and preferably if a parent has submitted a note with the student to be able to use another students’ account.

    17.  Can I find out my child’s cafeteria account balance?

    YES.  You can check student account balances on Café Prepay (http://www.pay4lunch.com).  You can also contact the Cafeteria Manager at 571-434-3229 if you need to find out your child’s account balance and/or what he/she has been buying for breakfast and lunch every day.  The cafeteria manager can provide you with a detailed listing of items purchased every day.  The manager can also restrict accounts for “lunch only” if you would like to keep your child from buying a la carte snacks and desserts.

    18.  Does River Bend have a cell phone policy?

    YES.  Education in the 21st century promotes the use of technology as a tool to enhance learning.  Cellphones and other electronic devices are to be used only at the discretion of each individual classroom teachers.  At River Bend, cellphones must be turned off and put away during the school day in the locker area, hallways, restrooms and cafeteria.    


    19.  Can I send medication to school with my child?

    NO.  Parents are required to bring in all medication for their child, both over-the-counter and prescribed medications, directly to the nurse.  The nurse must have written instruction from the physician in order to administer prescription medications.   Students may NOT have any medication, cough drops, etc. in their possession.  All medication is to be administered by the nurse or appropriate designee.


    20.   Is there a calendar/information page for the music dept (i.e.: performance schedule, required concert attire, etc...)

    Each music teacher has a web page that lists performance schedules, class expectations, concert attire and other information.  Concerts and major performances will be on the Google calendar on the main page of the website.

     21.  When does my child have to bring their instrument to school?

    Teachers will instruct students when to bring instruments to school.  They DO NOT need to bring the instruments on the first day of school.   Once the school year begins, students will know whether they have band on an A day or a B day.  They will need their instrument on the day they have band.  Most instruments should be dropped off and stored in the band storage room, but some smaller instruments such as flutes and clarinets can be stored in lockers.  Students should plan to take the instrument home the afternoon of the day they have band.  We have limited storage space and it can be very crowded when we have entire bands leave their instruments overnight and then take them home the night before they have class to practice.

    22.   How can I find out information about the PTA?

    The PTA maintains a home page on the River Bend website under the “Parents” heading.  The PTA calendar and all current events are maintained in this section for your review.

    23.  How can I volunteer for the school/PTA?

    At the beginning of the school year forms will be sent home with your student.  One of the forms will be important information about the various committees and opportunities available for parents to volunteer their time.

    The PTA will use your email address to inform you of volunteer opportunities that arise throughout the school year.  This information will also be on the PTA webpage.

    24.   How do I get on River Bend’s PTA email list?

    Students will bring home various forms in their first day packets.  One of these forms will ask for parent and student information to be included in the PTA email distribution list.  The email address will be used to contact parents about upcoming events, newsletters, and other PTA related information.

     25.  Does River Bend have sport teams?

    NO.  If you child is interested in participating in sports, the Sports Division of Loudoun County Parks, Recreation, and Community Services provides recreational programs and activities to all youth and adult citizens countywide and acts as a liaison to all sport leagues for both youth and adults. The Sports Division also provides various sport camps, classes and clinics throughout the year. Details are available online at www.loudoun.gov/PRCS/

Last Modified on October 14, 2016