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Welcome to Our RBM EL Department Website -Learning is Lifelong Skill!

  • Our EL Department works with students from many different countries and cultures to increase their fluency in the four language domains: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening in English. Our EL students begin English classes in a sheltered environment until they show success and the ability to allow them access to a grade level English class. All EL students are placed in content level Mathematics, Science and Social Studies with Inclusion support provided by the EL department staff. This allows for our students to be fully immersed in English Academic Language and the American culture of education. Our goal is to help each student to reach high levels of academic achievement through rigorous curriculum and expectations. We value each student's diverse needs and culture and we strive to help educate our school community about EL students. 

    Our department has a great team of educators working to meet the needs of all of our EL students: 

    • Elsa Duenas - 6th Grade EL teacher and Department Chair
    • Teresa Wahle - 7th Grade EL teacher
    • Fernando Rodriguez - 8th Grade EL teacher


    Feel free to contact any of us with questions and let's work as a TEAM

    "Together Everyone Achieves More"


  • Elsa Duenas - Elsa.Duenas@lcps.org

    Teresa Wahle - Teresa.Wahle@lcps.org

    Fernando Rodriguez - Fernando.Rodriguez@lcps.org


Last Modified on August 20, 2018