Positive Experiences In Educational Relationships (PEER)
    Sponsors: Mr. Daniel & Ms. Gibson
     PEER is a class that meets every B day during 5th block (Thursday and Friday)
    Contact info:
     PEER Instagram: @pfallspeer


     What is PEER?


    • Positive Experiences in Educational Relationships 
    • Peer helpers are trained by school professionals
    • Helpers are here to listen and help students find their own solutions
    • PEER is confidential. However, if a student mentions hurting someone, self-harm, being hurt by someone else, or a current pregnancy, PEER helpers are required to alert the school staff to these issues.
    • PEER helpers do NOT give advice


     What is the Process?


    • Anyone may refer a student (students, school counselors, teachers, parents).
    • Students may request a PEER meeting through the counselors.
    • Counselor meets with the recommended student to see if he or she would like to meet with PEER.
    • If student agrees, a meeting is arranged with a PEER helper.
    • Meetings are held in private conference rooms in the counseling office.


     Examples of Problems

    • Academic Stress
    • Relationship issues
    • Family dynamics
    • Substance use
    • Mental Health
    • Healthy boundaries
    • Bullying




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