2019-2020 DECA Guide

    Sponsor: Mr. Cody Smallwood

    DECA Officers for 2019-2020


     Alana Andrews


    Vice President

     Tyler Chillot

    Emma Buytenhuys

    The Leadership Team

     Mark Altman

    Ray Ellingwood

    The Marketing Team

     Abby Bates

    Livi Rubin

    The Retail (SBE) Team

     Claire Harris

    Brigitte Ilyev

    Lauren Turner

    The Hospitality Team

    Chloe St. Francis

    Molly Hoyle

    The Career Development Team

     Grey Richards

    Daniel Farmer

    The Finance Team

    Zohaib Mirza

    Madison Bakatsias

    The Historian Team

     Frank Ellingwood

      Mauricio Milian

    The Secretary Team

     Hannah Margeson

     Katie Tang

    Have pictures of a DECA Sponsored Event? Email them to william.smallwood@lcps.org
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    Marketing Teachers
    • Mr. William "Cody" Smallwood - Advanced Marketing Co-op/Non Co-op, Marketing Level 1 Co-op/Non Co-op, Introduction to Cybersecurity
    • Ms. Lena Kibsi  - Marketing  
    • Mr. Stephen Latter - Introduction to Business & Marketing/Personal Finance
    • Mrs. Kate LaguardiaPersonal Finance
    • Mr. Ryan Khatcherressian- Sports Marketing
    • Mr. Stephane Longchamp - Introduction to Business & Marketing
    DECA is the co-curricular club for marketing students. A student must be enrolled in Introduction to Business/Marketing, Introduction to Cybersecurity, Sports/Entertainment/Recreation Marketing, Marketing Co-op, or Advanced Marketing Co-op to become a member. Students have the opportunity to learn civic consciousness, social intelligence, leadership development, and vocational understanding through various events, activities, and competitions.

    DECA's Mission Statement is to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges across the globe. 
    Have pictures of a DECA Sponsored Event? Email them to william.smallwood@lcps.org