• Name: Sean Blair
    Department: Science
    Contact Mr. Blair at sean.blair@lcps.org
            1st -  Biology - Room 217
            2nd - Planning - Room 216 
            3rd - Research Biology - Room 217
            4th - Research Biology - Room 217
            5th - Research Biology - Room 217
            6th - Planning - Room 216
            7th - Study Hall - Cafeteria   
            8th - Biology - Room 217
    Extra help:  I am typically available from 8:30 till 4:18 (when not in class).  Please contact me via email to make an appointment.
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    Honor Code


    As members of the PFHS school-community, we are responsible for upholding and contributing to an atmosphere of respect, truthfulness, and fairness. Our Honor Code serves as a commitment to intellectual honesty and states, “On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this test, quiz, assignment, lab, or any other student-generated work.”


    Bring Your Own Technology


    We are a BYOT school and embrace responsible use of technology that provides deeper, more authentic, and more personalized learning experiences for students. Electronic devices, such as cell phones, are to be used to enhance, not replace, teaching and learning. Students are expected to abide by the classroom teacher’s rules and directions when using technology during class time. We expect all Panthers to be Ready, Responsible, and Respectful regarding the use of technology and how its use can impact self and others.



    PFHS Mission Statement


    At Potomac Falls, we value building relationships, working hard, and making connections to ensure students are life, college, and career ready.


Last Modified on August 19, 2022