At Potomac Falls, we value building relationships, working hard
    and making connections to ensure students are life, college
    and career ready.
    School year 2123-24 Schedule
    A Day
    Block 1  Planning
    Block 2  Spanish II   Room 111
    Block 3  Spanish III  Room 111
    Block 4  Cohort Planning Room 101 
    B Day
    Block 5  Spanish II Room 111
    Block 6  Spanish II Room 111  
    Block 7  Spanish II Room 111  
    Block 8  Planning  Room 101
    Advisory  Seniors  Room 102
    All class information and materials are located on the Schoology course page, accessible through LCPS Go. 
    If you have any questions, please contact me at:




Last Modified on August 21, 2023