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    Bobbie Rehm's Home Page!
    At Potomac Falls, we value building relationships, working hard, and making connections to ensure students are life, college and career ready.
    Department:  Special Education
    Classroom:  Room 200/226
    1   School Improvement
    2   Academic Support Algebra I/Online Instruction
    3   Basic Skills/Online Instruction
    4   Planning/Online Instruction
    5   Planning/Online Instruction
    6   Basic Skills/Online Instruction
    7   Basic Skills/Online Instruction
    8   Program Support/Online Instruction
    My classroom is open after school for students who may need additional support.  My teaching team generally has a work session on Thursdays from 4-6, which is a great time for parents to meet with our team to discuss your student.
    Potomac Falls' Three R's
    Ready, Responsible, Respectful
    Contact Information
     Message at Potomac Falls High School at 571-434-3200
    If  you have my cell number, you are more than welcome to contact me at any time.  If you do not have my number, I am available to take a call before or after school.
    My classroom is open most days beginning at 8:30 before school and after school until 5:30-ish.
    Some things I am passionate about this school year, that you may be interested in knowing are:
    • Anima Club                                                 

    We will meet in Room 200 from 4:15 -5:15 beginning in November.

    • Panther Pantry                                             

    If you have contributions or would like to be involved, please contact me.  We are especially interested in securing dental partners for our students and families.

    • MSAAC   
    • PBIS                                                     

    If you would like to join me in representing PFHS at these meetings, please contact me for details!




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