• Who are the club sponsors and where do we meet?

    The club sponsor is Ms. Miller. She is a Research and Academic Chemistry teacher here at Indy in room 2521.

    When does the club meet?

    The club meets twice a month after school, most likely in room 2521 and the dates are posted on our Instagram page indy.forensicsclub.

     How can I join?

    There is a membership form linked below that you can fill out to join. Our remind is also linked below.



    What do we do in our Forensics Club?

    The Indy Forensics Club is for people that are interested in forensics to come together, learn, and engage in activities related to the field. Club meetings will consist of: 

    Labs: blood typing, fingerprinting, etc

    Activities: case studies, analyzing crime scenes, etc.

    Guest Speakers: chances to learn from and talk to experts in the forensics field. This club will give students an opportunity to learn more about the importance of forensics, understand how forensics ties into many career paths, and participate in unique and interesting activities.

    Are there any dues needed to pay? 

    There are no dues needed to join