• During this time of on-line learning here's some information:

    * It is best to reach me by e-mail at karen.painter@lcps.org

    * My virtual office hours are noon-1 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

    * I have a pacing guide posted in the on-line gradebook as an April 15th "not for grading" assignment.  Click on that "assignment" to get the pacing guide.  Also, students were given the pacing guide in Google Classroom.  Click here for a copy.

    * Assignments are found in Google Classroom and posted on Monday for that week's work.  To keep track of what work has been completed, check the on-line gradebook.  While no grades are issued for 4th quarter work, the items in the 4th quarter provide feedback on the work completed.

    * This is a class that utilizes LCPS-wide material through the Edmentum platform.  Instructions on what module to be working on for the week is found in the assignment in Google Classroom.

    * The live session is held at the appointed class block time on Fridays and is optional.  It is used for review, answering questions, and addressing concerns.  No new material is presented.  Each meeting is recorded and posted in Google Classroom for students who were unable to attend to view it.  Instructions for when and how to use Google Meet is found in Google Classroom, but essentially, in the heading of Google Classroom there will appear a link minutes before the Meet is scheduled.  For a schedule of Meet times click on the following link schedule of Meet times.

    * Guidelines for Social Science for Showing Significant Progress for Fourth Quarter: 

    For students whose calculated grade on May 1 is 79% or lower and to be considered for a grade bump, a student needs to have demonstrated mastery, earning at least an 80% for the “Quarter 4” from Edmentum and other assignments as measured in Phoenix.   Students must also have completed all of their formative work from hyperdocs and Edmentum tutorials as assigned by their teachers.

    If a student is trying to improve a grade that was initially higher than 80%, they will need to earn an “Quarter 4” grade higher than their course grade as calculated on May 1 in order to be considered for a grade bump. Students must also have completed all of their formative work from hyperdocs and Edmentum tutorials as assigned by their teachers.

    Social Science teachers may, at their discretion, require a student to make up missing key assignments from Quarters 1-3 in order to be considered for the grade bump. This will differ from class to class and will be considered on a student by student basis.






Last Modified on May 8, 2020