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Degrees and Certifications:

M.A.of Education Secondary Education from the University of Kentucky B.A. of Education Curriculum and Instruction Social Studies Education from the University of Kentucky

Karen Painter

The Potomac Falls Mission Statement:  At Potomac Falls, we value building relationships, working hard, and making connections to ensure students are life, college, and career ready.

I look forward to an exciting school year teaching ancient history in Intro to AP World History/Geography and World History/Geography I classes.  The 2021/2022 school year is my 15th year at Potomac Falls.  I was born and raised in Kentucky and hold the title of Colonel in the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels. 


 A Day                                                                       B Day

Block 1: CORE/Study Hall Cafeteria                     Block 5: Intro to AP World History Room 202

Block 2: World History I Room 225                       Block 6: Planning Room 204

Block 3: Department Planning Room 204            Block 7: Intro to AP World History Room 202

Block 4: Intro to AP World History Room 203      Block 8: World History I Room 202


Assignments including quizzes and tests are posted in Phoenix and Schoology.  

All class information and materials are located on the course Schoology page, accessible through LCPS Go LCPS Go Login Page


 In addition to the guidelines in the Student’s Rights and Responsibilities handbook and other school policies, students are expected to demonstrate respect, academic responsibility, and honesty.

Potomac Falls promotes a school culture of personal responsibility and respectful habits.  We feel these skills/ethics will benefit all students in all environments (family, work, school, career).  We expect students to develop and maintain life and workplace readiness habits by arriving on time to school and classes, remaining in school for their full day, and maximizing effort and productivity in the classroom.

As members of the PFHS community, we are responsible for upholding and contributing to an atmosphere of respect, truthfulness, and integrity. Our Honor Code states, On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this test, quiz, assignment, lab, or any other student-generated work.”

As a BYOT school, we embrace responsible use of technology that provides deeper, more authentic, and more personalized learning experiences.  Electronic devices, such as smart phones, laptops and tablets enhance, not replace, teaching and learning.  When using technology in the classroom, students are expected to follow the teacher’s expectations and directions.  We expect all Panthers to be ReadyResponsible and Respectful with their personal use of technology while at school and to be aware of its impact on self and others.


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