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    Mrs. Rettle is beginning her 16th year of teaching and is excited to teach Gourmet Foods and Intro to Culinary Arts.  She holds a degree from Johnson and Wales University in Foodservice Management.  She spent almost 15 years prior to teaching, working in the foodservice industry.  She enjoys sharing her passion for food with her students & encourages creativity and exploration in the kitchen.



    Mrs. Rettle
    Jessi Rettle
    Career and Technical Education

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    A day                        B day

    1st Planning                      5th Gourmet Foods

    2nd Gourmet Foods           6th Intro to Culinary 

    3rd Intro to Culinary Arts   7th Intro to Culinary 

    4th Study Hall                   8th Planning 

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    Intro to Culinary Arts Syllabus

    Gourmet Foods Syllabus

     Quarterly Plans- Culinary Arts


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