• Rosa Lee Carter Health Office 23-24


    If your child is ill because of a contagious disease such as the flu, strep throat, COVID, etc., it would be helpful to note the reason for the absence when you send your absentee email.  This will help the school take measures to know the extent of the disease and reduce its spread. Students who have a fever (temperatures > 100.4) should be kept home until free of fever for 24 hours without medication. Students who do not feel well should also stay home. When students come to school ill, they not only are not able to participate fully in class, but they may also infect other students with their illness.

    Be sure to keep the “Emergency Contact Information” updated so we can reach you if your child is ill or injured.

    Loudoun County Public Schools requires a NEW provider/physician order each school year for the medication or specialized care that your child receives at school.  If your child will continue to need medication or specialized health care at school, you and your child’s licensed healthcare provider must complete and sign the proper form(s). Please note that parents may not amend the provider’s order for managing the child’s medical condition. These forms can be found on the LCPS Student Health Services website. A new plan must be completed every school year.

    Please contact our School Nurse, Mrs. Sonya Cooper for further questions.


    PARENTS ARE REQUIRED TO BRING IN ALL MEDICATION - Students are NOT permitted to carry medication unless under physician order on record.

    NEW Students:
    For the 2023-2024 school year, please make sure you have submitted your student’s physical, TB Screening, and Immunizations. These documents are required to complete the registration process. 

    If we have not received these documents, your student WILL NOT be able to attend school on the first day.

    Rapid REVIVE! 

    Loudoun County offers a shortened format of the training, called Rapid REVIVE! This version allows individuals to complete the training in six minutes. After watching a short video and then providing their contact information, participants receive free naloxone nasal spray. This version is available anytime. No registration is required. To start the training: 

    Visit loudoun.gov/rapidrevive for Rapid REVIVE! in English 
    Visit loudoun.gov/reviveespanol for Rapid REVIVE! in Spanish