• At MCCS, we pride ourselves on the value of community. We work hard to make lasting connections with our community members. 

    Almost weekly, someone from our community comes into the school to share knowledge, or our scholars go out into the community to learn, give, and grow.  From gardening to books, from toy shops and the local police department, our school and town have a synchronous relationship. 

    Most recently, our 5th-grade head of houses went around to local organizations and businesses, asking them to join a house. Members of houses are invited to special events, judge contests, and give speeches! 

    Below are the members of our community and the houses they've selected. If your business or organization is interested in joining a house, please contact Mrs. Charnley at katie.charnley@lcps.org


    Tilley's Pet Supplies Connessione
    Premier Promotional Connessione
    Journeymen Connessione
    Red Horse Tavern Connessione
    PLAYroom Connessione
    Diversified Educational Systems Inc. Connessione
    Lou Lou too Curiosita
    Zest Clothing and Co Curiosita
    The Tack Box Curiosita
    C.D. Rigden & Son Country Classics Curiosita
    Middleburg Deli Dimostrazione
    Brick and Mortar Dimostrazione
    Nature Composed Dimostrazione
    Tully Rector Dimostrazione
    Atlantic Union Bank Sfumato
    Oyster Bar Sfumato
    Posh Pixies Sfumato
    NWFCU- Middleburg Sfumato
    Middleburg Police Department Sfumato
    Wiseman Wealth, LLC Sfumato
    Highcliffe Clothiers Sfumato