ACL Biomedical Engineering Society

  • About the Club

    Are you interested in the biomedical sciences? Biotech? Bioengineering? Biology? Or do you just want a fun club to go to?  

    Join us in the ACL chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society! 

    As a member of the BMES, you will have access to a wide network of biomedical professionals, engineers, and fellow students interested in the field. We will have numerous guest lectures, edTalks, officer lectures, and student-led lectures! You will also have the chance to participate in club-wide and nation-wide competitions, and hands-on labs and projects. Opportunities for volunteering will also be available! We meet in room 1211. 

    Follow @acl_bioengsoc on Instagram for updates on the meeting schedule! See us at the club fair on September 22nd, and our first meeting will be on September 14th during lunch in Room 1211 (Biomed Tech classroom). 

ACL Biomedical Engineering Society