• Potomac Falls High School and The College Board welcomes you to The Official SAT Online Course .  This personalized and interactive online course is available anytime and anywhere.  It features 18 engaging lessons, 3 official practice tests, hundreds of practice questions, personalized feedback, and answer explanations.
    Students will have the option to:
    1)  Take the official full-length pre-test.  Find out where you need to focus your study.
    2)  Work through the lessons and quizzes.  Review key concepts, learn approaches, and practice with lesson quizzes.
    3)  Take the practice quizzes.  Take a practice quiz and learn through detailed explanations.
    4)  Take an official full-length practice test.  Take an official practice test and identify the concepts and skills you may need to review or practice further.
    5)  Take another official practice test.  Take an additional official practice test and view an analysis of your performance.
    To begin, click on The Official SAT Online Course.  In the "Students" box enter your College Board user name and password.  For new users, click "Register Now."  Then enter our school code which you will recieve at the SAT Online Training.  Select your English teacher and begin your session. 
    The Official SAT Online Course is now available for all students.