1. Clothing with obscene, vulgar, or inappropriate language or symbols is not permitted. Clothing with smoking, cigarettes, drug or alcohol logos, excessively tight clothing, chains and/or studded jewelry, gang apparel, and sunglasses (inside) are not permitted.
    2. Tops must have two straps (one for each shoulder). Tops that reveal excessive skin, midriff, or cleavage are not permitted. Outer garments must conceal undergarments. Tank-style underwear shirts or muscle shirts with low-cut sides are inappropriate. Note that cover-ups will not be considered appropriate unless all of the above mentioned areas of the body are covered (i.e. a cover-up that still shows the midriff and/or cleavage will not be considered appropriate). 
    3. Short shorts/skirts are inappropriate at school. Undergarments should not be worn as outer garments (i.e. boxer shorts). Clothing will be worn so that undergarments are not visible.
    4. Pajama pants should be reserved for a fundraising event or spirit activity.
    5. No headgear including hats, bandannas, stockings, etc. will be permitted unless approved by an administrator.
    6. Shoes/Sandals must be worn at all times. No bedroom shoes/slippers.  

    Dress Code rules may be waived for Spirit Days, Pep Rallies, and Fundraising events as long the clothing conceals cleavage, midriff, and undergarments. Clothing on Spirit Days and at Pep Rallies and Fundraising events must match the criteria/theme for the particular day or event. For example, students should dress in their appropriate color on Color Day (appropriately colored headbands and bandanas would be allowed as long as they do not cover the students face). Likewise, a cowboy hat may be appropriate on a country western day, but a baseball hat would not necessarily be approved unless it played an integral role in the student’s spirit attire.

Last Modified on September 26, 2015