Absences, Tardies and Early Dismissals


    Absence Reporting

    Report an absence or tardy via ParentVUE



    To Report an Absence: https://permission.click/YwlvL/us

    To Report a Tardy: https://permission.click/kX65Q/us

    To Report an Early Dismissal: https://permission.click/aGNjj/us

    To Request an Extended Absence

    Absentee Line phone # 571-434-3202 for reporting absences ONLY


    Please review the following information regarding absences, tardies, and early dismissals. Even in the virtual learning environment, the attendance office needs to know these instances for accurate attendance.


    *Tardies: If a student is going to be late to school/virtual learning due to an appointment at the doctors, orthodontist, dentist, court, or any other reason, please notify us via Parent VUE, Permission Click, or email. Please make sure to submit or email Tanja.Brandt@lcps.org a copy of medical/dental notes or any other documentation from appointments, etc.


    *Please note: Students are required to log in to Advisory, daily. If they do not attend Advisory...they are considered tardy to school and will be marked as such. Students are also required to check in with their Study Hall/Core class for attendance. They will be marked absent in any classes they do not attend/log in to and participate in.


    *Absences: If a student is going to be absent from school for the day or longer, please notify the attendance office via Parent VUE, Permission Click, email, or by calling the absentee line at 571-434-3202. The absentee line is for absences only. Please submit or email Tanja.Brandt@lcps.org with medical/dental notes or any other documentation.


    *Early Dismissals: Due to COVID mitigation strategies and for the safety of all, you will be unable to come into the school building to sign out your student for early dismissals. You can however request an early dismissal via Parent VUE, Permission Click, or by sending Tanja.Brandt@lcps.org an email. Make sure when you submit a request, that you enter the time that student needs to dismiss. If your student is in hybrid and in the building on a particular day they need to dismiss...please be sure to submit an early dismissal request at least 30 minutes in advance. The cutoff time for early dismissal requests is 3:30pm for in-person learning students (when they are in-person).


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Attendance Office at 571-434-3200 ext. 84205

    Thank you!


    LCPS Attendance Options for the 2020-21 School Year

Last Modified on April 30, 2021