• Potomac Falls High School Advisory
    What is Advisory?

    Advisory is a short time set aside each week for our students to positively interact with a small group (less than 15) of their grade-level peers.  Through Advisory activities and discussions under the guidance of an adult Advisor, students will assess their own talents and aspirations, plan their individual paths, work collaboratively with others, and demonstrate their learning of clear standards in a wide variety of forms.

    Through Advisory, we will strive to better meet the needs of each of our students as individuals. The Advisor will act as a mentor and advocate for each of their advisees. Topics addressed during the Advisory period will include both academic, and other school-related issues, such as character education, educational and career planning, time management and study skills.

    Why Advisory?

    The goal of Advisory is a simple one: to provide a welcoming, positive environment where each and every student feels comfortable to find, and be, their best selves. At Potomac Falls High School, no two students are alike. Each student meets success on individual terms. Through strengthening student-teacher relationships, we will better weave the unique parts of our school into a whole student success. 

    How does Advisory work?

    Advisory sessions will allow our students to explore making positive changes in their personal choices.  Agendas will be used throughout the year as both a personal planning tool and a time management tool. It also serves as their workbook for their weekly Advisory session.

    Advisory sessions will also be supplemented with time for other school business (to encourage active involvement in extra-curricular school activities), and to discuss campus-wide issues, which arise throughout the year. 
    The Advisory Committee, consisting of teachers, guidance staff and administration used summer planning time to explore grade level relevant plans that explore personal responsibility in a professional learning environment.

    When is Advisory?

    Advisory meets every Friday.

    Is Advisory graded?

    No.  However, it will be very important to gather summative and formative data from students, parents, and teachers throughout the school year.

    PFHS teachers may elect to require students to use the agenda as part of their class requirements to record homework and class assignments. The agenda is a tool that parents can encourage their student to use to keep track of both daily requirements and activities, in addition to long term project due dates. We also encourage parents to use this planner as a communication tool to speak with their student about schoolwork and activities.

Last Modified on November 16, 2021