• Only NEW students need to register for the new school year. Existing students will already be enrolled and counted for next year.

    At the beginning of the Online Pre-Registration process, be sure to select the proper school year!

    Collect Documents

    Please collect the following items prior to starting the document upload process:

    •          Student’s Birth Certificate
    •          Proof of Residency
    •          Photo ID of Registering Parent/Guardian
    •          Previous School Report Card
    •          Physical and Immunizations (Including TB Screening)
    •          Student Photo (KG Student Registrations Only)

    Detailed information on the Residency and Parent ID documents can be found on the right side of the page under Documents Needed for Registration.

    Create Electronic Versions

    Please create on document for each category listed above.  When uploading the documents, you will indicate the type of document (e.g. Photo ID) and upload the document or image you created.  Electronic versions of documents may be created with a scanner or mobile device.

    1. Computer with Scanner: Scan and save the document as PDF or JPG.
    2. Mobile Devices: Take a photo and save to the photo app on your device.

    **For best results, when taking a photo with a mobile device, place the document on a dark background and provide diffuse light.

    Upload Documents in Online Pre-Registration

    Use the documents menu in Online Pre-Registration to upload electronic copies.

    Review and Submit the Online Pre-Registration

    After you have uploaded documents for all the children you are pre-registering, click the green REVIEW button.  Scroll to the bottom of the Registration data.  Select the ‘I Have Reviewed All Registration Data and Verified that it is Correct’ Checkbox.  Click ‘Submit’.

    Paper Registration:

    Register with paper version

    This page includes helpful reminders of all required papers.

    Parents registering their children, must provide proof of age, identity, county residency and immunizations. Review this page for examples of acceptable verification documentation. If you are unable to produce these items, please contact the Senior Registrar Patti.Spurlock@lcps.org or 571-252-1238.

    Once your paperwork is completed and you have all the necessary documents, please contact the school to schedule an appointment to finalize the Registration.

    Finalizing Registration:

    Once you have use the https://www.lcps.org/Page/187320 portal, the Registrar will contact you to make a Registration Appointment.  Registrations will not be finalized until all required documentation has been accepted in person by the school.  PLEASE NOTE:  You must be residing in Loudoun County to Register your student.

    For Registration and Enrollment questions, please contact our Registrar, Vicki Nunan, at Vicki.Nunan@lcps.org.