• What makes the North Star School different from a traditional high school?

    Our campus is smaller.  This leads to less distraction and overwhelm for many of our students.

    Our student to teacher is 10 to 1.  With ten or less student per class, our students are afforded a much more personalized learning path and personalized attention.

    We run on a 4x4 schedule which allows students to complete four classes first semester, and complete an additional four classes second semester.  Students only need to focus on four classes at a time, and do not have to juggle “A” and “B” Days.  Additionally, we can support other unique scheduling options.

    Our school day begins later, and we dismiss earlier than the traditional high schools due to travel time to and from The North Star School Campus. Students are provided LCPS bus transportation.  Our hours are 9:50am to 4:00pm.

    The North Star School strives to create an environment in which students can perform to the best of their ability.  We value Service, Trust, Attitude, and Respect (S.T.A.R) as the pillars of character in our school.

    The North Star School offers two programs: The Alternative Education Program (AEP/4x4) and the Individual Student Alternative Education Plan Program (ISAEP/GED).  


    Program Descriptions

    The North Star School is Loudoun County Public School’s Center for non-traditional learning paths and offers the Alternative Education Program (AEP). The AEP is a great path for students who may not feel a part of a large traditional high school community, those who are under-credited, or who have difficulty in the large high school setting. The AEP can also support students who have moved into LCPS from another school system that uses an alternative schedule format (4x4).

    The AEP is also a viable option for students who are looking to graduate early for any reason and those who need a unique schedule to accommodate outside activities like semi-professional athletics, performing arts, or other commitments outside of the school day.

    As part of the AEP, The North Star School offers the Independent Learning Center (ILC) in which students can work through courses in a blended learning model with the support of content certified teachers and the use of digital curriculum.  Scheduling in the ILC is based on student needs and goals.

    Students often find success through the AEP because of the smaller class sizes, the alternative block schedule, and the emphasis on personalized instruction to help students experience success.

    The courses offered at The North Star School follow LCPS curriculum guides and include the administration of end-of-year SOL exams. Students adhere to the same behavioral and attendance expectations found at their home high school and complete the same requirements for promotion/graduation as all LCPS high school students.

    The North Star School also offers the Individual Student Alternative Education Plan Program (ISAEP) which is the path to earning a GED for students 16 to 18. The program requires pretesting and qualifying scores prior to scheduling an admissions meeting. (VDOE ISAEP Informational Brochure).


    Process for Admissions to The Alternative Education Program (AEP/4x4)

    Referrals to The North Star School AEP are made by the LCPS high school counselors.

    Students who are recommended for The North Star School Alternative Education Program (AEP) by their school counseling department will have their admissions packet reviewed by The North Star Admissions Team.   The parent and student will then be invited to meet with The North Star School Principal, and a TNSS School Counselor to discuss potential scheduling options and enrollment. At the conclusion of the meeting, the home school staff will be notified of the outcome.

    There are two admissions referral windows each year for the Alternative Education Program (AEP): one for Fall admissions and one for Spring admissions.  The admissions referral windows and timelines are communicated to the LCPS high school counseling offices each year.


    Process for Admissions to the Individual Student Alternative Education Program (ISAEP/GED)

    Referrals to The North Star School ISAEP are made by the LCPS high school counselors.

    Students looking to enroll in the ISAEP program (GED) must first take a pretest. The North Star ISAEP Coordinator will contact the student and parent to set-up the pretest.  If the student qualifies through pretesting, the student will be scheduled for an admissions meeting. If they do not qualify, the referring counselor will be notified.  The ISAEP referral process is rolling admissions.

    * Throughout the admissions period to TNSS for all programs, students are required to continue to attend their Home School until official admission is complete.*


    Referral Information for LCPS HS School Counselors