• Film Club 2023-2024!

                          Welcome to Film Club!                     

    Film Club, a student-run club (sponsored by Mr. Tanner McClelland), provides a fun and welcoming environment for students to meet with each other and watch movies. Film Club is an open space for anyone, whether alone or with a group, where students can gather and watch, talk, and create movies and short films with their peers!


    Meetings are every other Wednesday starting on the first Wednesday of each month in room 600 from 4:25 pm to 5:25 pm.


    No Fee Required! New Members are welcome any time!


    Sponsor - Tanner McClelland

    President - Nick Azari

    Executive VP - Rena Sherwani

    VP of Media - Jackson Ward

    VP of Membership & Slideshows - Liam Butler

    VP of Movie Selection - Liam Stone

    VP of Food Selection - Christian Schlosser