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                                     Math Teacher

    Mr. Randall has a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Western Maryland College and a Master's degree in Computer Science from George Mason University.
    He currently teaches Algebra II, Intro to Computer Science and AP Computer Science. Prior to becoming a teacher, Mr Randall worked as a Software Engineer for a several telecomunications companies.
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    Period 1: Intro to Computer Science(9:15 - 10:38)
    Period 2: Intro to Computer Science(11:12 - 12:35 )
    Period 3:Algebra II (12:40 - 2:35 )
    Period 4: Planning (2:40 - 4:03)
    Period 5: AP Computer Science  (9:15 - 10:38)
    Period 6: Algebra II (11:12 - 12:35)
    Period 7: Math Lab(12:40 - 2:35)
    Period 8: Math Team Planning (2:40 - 4:03
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    400 W. Laurel Ave., Sterling, VA  20164
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