• P.E.E.R.

    What is P.E.E.R.?

    P.E.E.R. stands for “positive experiences in educational relationships.”

    At Lightridge, we as PEER mentors strive to provide an uplifting environment in our school and community.  As leaders who value integrity, we will focus on providing mentorship and positive experiences in educational relationships.


    How do we help others?

    • Mentor students (at elementary, middle and high school)

    • Create an inclusive, welcoming community (socials, new student lunches, Unity Day)

    • Raise awareness through school-wide events, advisory lessons, and social media

    Reasons to meet with a PEER:

    • Opportunity to connect with students from other grade levels

    • Learn how to get more involved in clubs and activities 

    • Social support for new-to-Lightridge students

    • Support with goal-setting and time management

    • Talk through friendship issues or dealing with stress


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