• Absences
    Hovatter follows LCPS guidelines for determining Excused Absences. Generally, students who are ill, have an injury, have had a death in the family, or are experiencing an acute family emergency are recorded as having an Excused Absence for their time out of school. If a student has missed more than 3 days of school due to an illness, a doctor’s note is required to record the absence as Excused. 

    Other incidents of being absent are recorded as an Unexcused Absence. Each student is allowed 5 unexcused absences per school year. When 5 days have been reached, a counselor will contact the student’s parent/guardian to discuss the absence in greater detail. 

    If a parent/guardian is planning for an extended absence from school for their student that will exceed 5 days, the Extended Absence Form on the Hovatter website should be completed. The form should be submitted no later than 2 weeks before the planned absence. While absent, the student will have asynchronous options available such as Dreambox, Raz Kids and Schoology assignments. Teachers are under no obligation to provide individualized school work while a student is out for an extended absence. If a student will be absent for 15 days or more, the student will be automatically inactivated from Hovatter enrollment. If inactivated, there is no guarantee the student will have a place in the class or the school when he/she returns. The  Chromebook will be locked and parents will receive a notification from DDI to return the Chromebook or be invoiced for its replacement. 

    Attendance Reporting 
    Parents are expected to report a student’s absence by 8:30 AM. Absences can be noted in ParentVue or sent to  HOVAbsentee@lcps.org email. Reporting absences after 8:30 AM may result in parents receiving a text or email concerning their student’s absence. It is very important to provide the reason for the student’s absence. If a valid reason is not provided, the student will be marked as an Unexcused Absence. If a student is tardy, he/she will be marked absent until the student arrives and checks in at school. 

    Students who arrive after 7:30 AM are considered Tardy and must check in at the HOV front office.  Arriving tardy due to medical appointments will be marked Excused Tardy if a note from the provider is submitted when the student arrives at school. Students who have standing appointments for external support will be considered Excused Tardy if the School Counselor, Teacher, School Social Worker or HOV Administration is made aware of the appointments (in writing). Other cases of unverified tardiness to school will be recorded as Unexcused Tardy.

    Early Dismissals 
    Students that leave school before 2:15 PM will have an Early Dismissal marked on their Daily Record. If a student will be leaving school early for an appointment or for the day, a Change in Dismissal Form should be filled out by the parent. The form can be found on the HOV website. Please use this form to make a change to your student’s normal dismissal method for the day of the change. All changes must be received by 1:45 PM. If an urgent change after 1:45 PM is necessary, please call the HOV office at 571-367-4120. The link to the form is here: HOV Dismissal Change 1 Day Only

    Using KioskVue for Tardy Check In or Early Dismissal Check Out
    Hovatter will soon be using KioskVue for checking in and out of school. KioskVue will record a student’s late arrival and early dismissal by scanning the student’s QR Code displayed on ParentVUE mobile app or manually entering the Student ID and password using the iPad’s on-screen keyboard. Instructions can be found at this link: KioskVue Instructions for Tardy and Early Dismissal

    LCPS Attendance Services
    Attendance Services provides direct support to schools to maintain a high standard of attendance within Loudoun County. Attendance Officers are authorized and required to investigate matters pertaining to the attendance of school-aged children within Loudoun County. Attendance Officers deal with complaints in a timely manner to ensure the opportunity for student success and to meet legal requirements.