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    This is Ms. King's 11th year at Park View but she has been teaching for over 30 years.  She has a Bachelor of Science from Virginia Tech and a Master's degree in educational administration also from Virginia Tech.
    She currently teaches in the math department and serves as a learning resource teacher.  Prior to coming to Loudoun County, Mrs. King worked for Fairfax County Schools.
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     Course Syllabus and nine week plan for Geometry


    Quarter 1

    Logic & Reasoning

      G.1: Logic & Reasoning

    Essentials of Geometry

      G.3a: Distance, Midpoint, and slope

      G.4: Constructions & justify constructions

    Parallel & Perpendicular Lines

      G.2: Parallel cut by a transversal

      G.3ab: Using slope to determine parallel and perpendicular

      G.4bcdg: Constructions and justify constructions


    Quarter 2

    Introduction of Triangles & Congruent Triangles

      G.5: Use real world situations to analyze triangles

      G.6: Prove two triangles congruent

    Similar Triangles

      G.7: Prove two Triangles Similar

    Right Triangles

      G.8: Real world problems, Pythagorean Theorem,

             special right triangles, right triangle trigonometry          

    Quarter 3

    Properties of Quadrilaterals, Angles of Polygons, Symmetry & Transformations

      G.9: Quadrilaterals

      G.10: Angles of Polygons

      G.3: Symmetry & transformations

      G.5: Analyze Triangles

    Properties of Circles, Equations of Circles, Constructions

      G.11ab: Properties of Circles

      G.12: Equation of the Circle


    Quarter 4

    Two & Three Dimensional Figures

      G.11c: Arc lengths; area of sectors

      G.13: Three dimensional objects

      G. 14: Comparing geometric objects (2D & 3D)

    Review for SOL Assessment & Post SOL Topics

    • Factoring and simplifying polynomial expressions
    • Graphing linear equations and inequalities in two variables
    • Operations with polynomial expressions
    • Simplifying radicals
      Course Sylloabus and nine week plan for  Algebra 1 part 2

    Quarter 1


    ·         Review of Part 1 material

    o    Statistics

    o    Function Characteristics

    o    Solving/Graphing/Writing Linear Functions

    ·         Inequalities

    o    Students will solve inequalities in one and two variable and solve practical problems.


    Quarter 3

    ·         Quadratics

    o    Students will investigate characteristics of quadratics.


    ·         Students will be able to factor and perform operations on polynomials.

    Quarter 2


    ·         Systems of Equations

    o    Students will solve systems of equations and inequalities using various methods including graphing, substitution, and elimination.


    Quarter 4


    • Exponents and Radicals
      • Students will further explore the laws of exponents and radicals.
    • SOL Review
    • Geometry Preparation
    e Syllabus and  Nine Week Plan
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