Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Ana Aguilar

Mrs. Ana Aguilar is a special education teacher with 30 years of teaching experience at the early childhood level. Who taught for 25 years in private school and the last five years in Loudoun County Public Schools in the Specia Education area. This is her third year working in the ECSE program and her second teaching in Frederick Douglass. Before joining Frederick Douglass, she worked at Sully Elementary School in an ID classroom and In at Hutchison Farm School in the Revers Inclusion Program. Mrs. Aguilar earned a Bachelor's Degree in Science in Early Child Education, an educational specialist degree in Early Child Development, and a second specialization in special education on Speech & Language Pathology. She received these diplomas in Peru, where she is originally from. She is highly motivated to work with culturally and linguistically diverse children and their families by providing a safe and engaging environment. 

Mrs. Aguilar has been blessed with two daughters, three grandkids, a husband for 33 years, and a profession she respects and enjoys. She likes spending time with her family, gardening, traveling, and being around nature. She loves to be around children enjoying their achievements and smiles. Mrs. Aguilar is excited to work with you and your family this year!

Joining Mrs. Aguilar and Ms. Ambrose, her assistant 

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