Picture of some members

SBH E-Sports

  • Established in spring of 2022, the goal of E-sports is to build a community of students whose goal is to support each other in becoming a competitive esports team.  During our inaugural season, we fielded four teams, two in Mario Kart and two in Smash Bros.  Three out of the four teams made it to the VA playoffs.

    For the 2022-2023 season:

    • We are looking to form teams to play League of Legends & Mario Kart.
    • There are two seasons, fall and spring.  (Calendar here).
    • Students will have to compete to earn their spots on the team.  We are serious players looking to always get better.
    • Students should be willing to commit 4 hours a week.  2 hours for competition and 2 hours for practice.
    • Competition and practice will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week.
    • Cost to join will be $100.  This will cover both seasons.
    • Equipment wise, students should have:
      • League of Legends - A PC computer to practice at home and access to Discord for team communication.
      • Mario Kart - A Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart with the latest DLC.