Matthew Morse
    Department: Science
    Email: matthew.morse@lcps.org
    Room: 514 and 500 advisory and 5th Block 
    Planning Block: 2nd Block & 7th Block

    Teacher Biography

    Greetings!  I am originally from Colorado and have lived in Texas, Nevada, Arizona and Virginia.  I graduated from University of Nevada with a Bachelor’s degree in Geography.  I have a Master's degree in secondary education: teaching science 6-12.

     I enjoy exploring areas of Virginia where I can relate earth science, geography and history together and share these experiences with my students. students.

    I am also a father of two amazing girls. One will be starting 7th grade and the other will be a Freshman in high school this year.  I am looking forward to a fantastic school year that will be fun and engaging for all students.

    Creativity is intelligence having fun.
    Albert Einstein
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    A day/B day
    Research Earth Science/Earth Science
    Planning/Earth Science
    Earth Science/Planning
    Our Lunch
    Hall Duty/Research Earth Science


    Regular Bell Schedule

    (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)


    9:20                      Warning Bell

    9:25                       Warning Bell


    9:30-11:00         1st/5th Period (90 mins.)

    10min break; cafeteria open


    11:10-12:38       2nd/6th Period (88 mins.)


    12:44-2:44         3rd/7th Period 

                                   (90 mins. Plus 30 mins. lunch)


    12:44-1:14     A LUNCH


    1:14-1:44          B LUNCH


    1:44-2:14              C LUNCH


    2:14-2:44             D LUNCH


    2:50-4:18           4th/8th Period (88 mins.)



    (Tuesday and Friday)


    9:20                      Warning Bell

    9:25                       Warning Bell


    9:30-10:50     1st/5th Period (80 mins.)


    10:56-11:21   ADVISORY (25 mins.)


    11:27-12:47     2nd/6th Period (80 mins.)

    12:53-2:53          3rd/7th Period 

                                   (90 mins. Plus 30 mins. lunch)


    12:53-1:23     A LUNCH


    1:23-1:53       B LUNCH


    1:53-2:23       C LUNCH


    2:23-2:53       D LUNCH


    2:59-4:18      4th/8th Period (79 mins.)

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