• Welcome to the PVHS School Counseling Office

    Ensuring every student will graduate from Park View High School with the skills necessary to excel as a responsible member of our ever-changing world.
     School Counseling Office Phone: 571-434-4507  |   Fax: 571-434-4508
    Office Hours: 8:00am to 4:30pm daily
    CEEB Code = 472171

  • Director of Counseling                                                               Mrs. Joanne Nagurny

    School Counselor 9th-12th (Last Name A-CA)                         Mr. Stephen London

    School Counselor 9th-12th (Last Name CE-GOM)                    Dr. Amy G. Carroll

    School Counselor 9th-12th (Last Name GON-LOPEZ)              Ms. Shelby Lenox

    School Counselor 9th-12th (Last Name LOV-PAS)                    Ms. Kelley McCarter

    School Counselor 9th-12th (Last Name PAT-SAN)                    Ms. Auja Jones

    School Counselor 9th-12th (Last Name SAP-Z)                        Ms. Safiya Muhammad

  • Career Center Specialist                                                        Ms. Angela Hatcher

    School Social Worker                                                             Mrs. Tara Brokaw

    School Psychologist                                                               Ms. Joey Shoen

    Student Assistance Services Specialist                                 Mr. Keith Robinson

    Parent Liaison                                                                        Ms. Lindsey Rodrigue

    Registrar, 571-685-8351  #18471                                          Mrs. Leah McCombs

    Counseling Administrative Assistant                                      Mrs. Linda Stuart

  • Counselors work in collaboration with school personnel, parents and community resources to advocate for student success. The school counseling program is designed to meet the ethics and standards of the American School Counselors Association and the National Association of College Admissions Counselors, as well as those of Loudoun County Public Schools. The PVHS Counseling Department is also proud to be a member of the College Board and also partners with the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans


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