Social Science Department

     Social Science staff

    Our Mission:

    The Park View Social Science Department will promote learning through meaningful collaborative instruction and student-centered discovery. We will provide equitable opportunities in which students are encouraged to:

    ·         Think critically and communicate effectively

    ·         Respect diversity and build relationships

    ·         Understand the relationship between past and present

    ·         Become life-long learners with a global perspective

    Our Courses:
    Our courses challenge students of all abilities to learn more about the history of the world, its cultures, governments and peoples, as well as the government and history of Virginia and the United States. Advanced Placement courses are offered in World History, U.S. History, European History, Government, Economics, Human Geography and Psychology.  Our electives enrich students in the areas of economics, comparative religions, modern international relations, psychology, global social issues, the world of ideas (philosophy), African studies, and Latin American studies. Electives are offered based on student interest and on a rotating basis.
    Access LCPS curriculum documents for all Social Science courses HERE.