Student Council Association

  • SCA [Student Council Association] at Lightridge High School will include the Lightridge Council, Class Councils, and SCA Members. Lightridge Council will represent the entire student body and Class Councils will represent their respective graduating classes. Lightridge student leaders will strive to: 

    → empower students to lead change and impact their communities
    → promote an inclusive and spirited school culture
    → serve the student body through highlighting their voices
    → develop values and traditions that represent the student body

    SCA student leaders will execute these goals through special events, community service, and leadership development. 

  • Meet the Sponsors

    • SCA: Mrs. Barbrow & Ms. Schrader


    • Class of 2023: Ms. Karim & Mrs. Murray

    • Class of 2024: Mrs. Buskey & Ms. Pfaff

    • Class of 2025: Mrs. Zawistowsk, Ms. Jamison, & Ms. Morgan

    • Class of 2026: Ms. Johnson & Mr. Akers