• Lil' Rams Preschool @ Riverside High School

    Welcome, or welcome back, to the Lil’ Rams Preschool program at Riverside High School! I am so happy that you are interested in our program.

    General Information

    • The preschool is a class for high school students called Early Childhood Education. Each high school student is paired with a preschool student (or two). The high school students run the preschool under the supervision of their teacher.
    • This is a learning experience for our high school students. The preschool is their "learning lab." We aim for a mutually beneficial relationship - the high school students are learning to care for and teach children while building relationships, and the preschool students are gaining age and developmentally appropriate instruction. The high school students are "in training." They are not trained professionals.
    • We follow a theme-based curriculum in preschool. The high school students plan the lessons and activities. Each lesson/activity stresses at least one of the Kindergarten Readiness Skills.
    • Preschoolers must be bathroom independent and three (3) years of age by October 1st the year they enter preschool, and may not turn six (6) before June 1st their last year in preschool.
    • The Preschool follows the LCPS calendar but starts in mid-October and ends in May. We are closed for snow days, student holidays, teacher workdays, and other special closings.

    If you are interested in enrolling, please contact Melinda Castillo at melinda.castillo@lcps.org