Minecraft Club

  • Sponsor - Nathanial Cool (nathanial.cool@lcps.org)

    Room - 1202 (front of school by main office)

    Meetings - Wednesdays (both A and B days) during lunch

    The Minecraft club is a club for everyone in the academies to get together and have fun playing Minecraft. We will meet every Wednesday during lunch in Mr. Cool’s room (1202). We already have roughly 20 potential members, and plan to get more in the future. Everyone can download Minecraft education edition for free on their school computer. Students can also play java edition on any non-chrome OS computers as long as they already have a paid account. We will be hosting UHC tournaments, a survival SMP, Speedrun competitions, and building competitions. Everyone can join to have fun playing Minecraft!

    Attend any meeting and speak with Mr. Cool to join.