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    Mario Vargas

    Department: Science - Biology
    A Day: 2nd
    B Day: 5th

     Phoenix             Schoology

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    My name is Mr. V and this is my second year at Broad Run High School. I relocated from the state of Florida, where I spent 5 years in education. I am excited to be at Broad Run and in Virginia. I am also super excited to have actual winter weather! Did you know that Florida is the only state that does not receive any regular dustings of snow or even winter weather?
    In my spare time, I enjoy snow skiing and I am also an adjunct instructor with the University of South Florida where I teach in the summer and occasionally during the school year. 
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    Kingdom Animalia Characteristics

    • multicellular eukaryotes
    • heterotrophic
    • lack cell walls
    • have nervous and muscular systems

    Kingdom Plantae Characteristics

    • multicellular eukaryotes
    • autotrophic
    • cell walls made of cellulose
    • undergo photosynthesis

    Kingdom Fungi Characteristics

    • mostly multicellular eukaryotes
    • heterotrophic
    • cell walls made of chitin
    • reproduce sexually and asexually

    Kingdom Protista Characteristics

    • mostly unicellular eukaryotes
    • diverse in structure and function
    • can be autotrophic or heterotrophic
    • reproduce sexually and asexually

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