Degrees and Certifications:

Bruce Hamler

               Mr. Hamler has been an enthusiastic educator, instructor, and teacher for his entire adult life. He has over twelve years of experience as a certified, classroom teacher and has taught a wide variety of subjects including algebra, astronomy, biology, chemistry, chess, geometry, and physics. Clearly, his favorite subjects are science and mathematics. 

              Mr. Hamler enjoys outdoor adventures of all kinds. He ran his own paragliding school and retail business for thirty years without serious incident. As a backcountry skiing instructor, adventure guide, and paragliding instructor, he has over thirty-five years of experience in outdoor education. Mr. Hamler was also employed by Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) for sixteen years where he enjoyed helping people get geared up for their adventures in Alaska. 

              While he spent most of his adult life in Alaska, Mr. Hamler has deep roots in Virginia and the south. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and grew up on Signal Mountain, Tennessee. He graduated from Handley High School in Winchester, VA, and earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA.

              After living for 35 years in Alaska, Mr. Hamler recently relocated to western Loudoun to be closer to his family during the pandemic. He is honored and excited to be teaching Algebra at Loudoun Valley High School. He now considers himself a Virginian and a Viking for the foreseeable future!


 PH# (907) 227-5888 (best: text)


               A DAY

Block 1:  Algebra 2 

Block 2:  Algebra 1


Block 3:  Algebra 2

Block 4:  Planning


              B DAY  

Block 5: Algebra 2

Block 6: Algebra 1


Block 7: Duty/Planning

Block 8: Math Meetings 

                & Planning