• Overview

    Independence High School Muslim Student Association is a dynamic and inclusive organization that serves as a bridge between Muslim students and the broader school community. Through its mission to foster identity, promote understanding, and build bridges, MSA plays a vital role in ensuring that all students support and love each other, making Independence High School a more inclusive and harmonious place for everyone. Founded on the principles of inclusivity, education, and community outreach, MSA is dedicated to promoting cultural diversity, raising awareness about Islam, and building bridges of friendship and understanding among students of all backgrounds.


    The primary mission of Indy MSA is to provide a safe and welcoming space for Muslim students to connect, learn, and grow, while also engaging with their peers to build a more harmonious and inclusive school environment. 

    Contact Information

    • Schoology Group Code:  4HC2-CP5K-GMH7T

    • Join our Remind: code - @e83gg2f

    • Follow @independencemsa on Instagram for upcoming events

    • Our club's membership fee is $20

      • Please bring fee by next two meetings

      • This fee includes MSA t-shirt and snacks provided for every meeting


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