• Tennis Club

    Tennis Club is starting up! We are lucky enough to have Cara Orenzuk, who is Loudoun Valley's tennis coach, leading Tennis Club at BRMS! Come and learn tennis and work on different strokes, improve hand-eye coordination and footwork. Join us in a small group setting after school to get up and get moving. We will learn the different aspects of tennis and most importantly, have some fun!

    Registration is now open for a Tuesday session and a Thursday session after school. Tennis Club sessions each last for six weeks. Students may register for one or for both, but each session has its own fee and registration process and students must attend the session(s) on the day(s) for which they have registered. Tennis Club will run from 3:45-4:45 pm in the main gym at BRMS. Fee is $138 for the session.

    Registration for Tennis Club will close on 9/7, and space is limited to 12 students per session. (As of 8/31, there are still spots available in both sessions but more room in the Tuesday session.) Racquets will be provided or you can BYO!

    Registration for Tuesday sessions: https://www.powr.io/form-builder/i/29851571#page

    Registration for Thursday sessions: https://www.powr.io/form-builder/i/29851721#page