Who is the National German Honors Society sponsor?
    Mrs. Suchanek is the sponsor. Mrs. Suchanek teaches German here at Independence High School and can be found in room 1604 on A days. Her email address is ulrike.suchanek@lcps.org   

    Where does the National German Honors Society meet?
    We will meet in room 1604.

    When do we meet?
    We meet once a month, on A days after school.

    What are the requirements?

    1. Currently enrolled in German III, German IV, German V, German DE or German AP
    2. Having maintained an overall grade point average of 3.3 or higher
    3. Having maintained a German grade point average of 3.00
    4. Needs to participate in at least 50% of the meetings
    5. Needs to organize/support meetings and participate in 5 hours of community service
    6. Pay your annual fee of $20

    As a member of Delta Epsilon Phi, you pledge to:

    Uphold academic integrity, with no honor code violations on your high school record

    Maintain your high standards for academic rigor as demonstrated by both your overall & German GPAs

    Commit to staying in the German program until graduation or until the completion of the highest level of German offered in IHS.

    How can I join?
    Send Mrs. Suchanek an email at ulrike.suchanek@lcps.org.

    What are some benefits of Delta Epsilon Phi Membership?

    • Scholarship Opportunities
    • List your membership on college applications
    • Delta Epsilon Phi Graduation Honor Cord

    What do we do at the National German Honors Society?
    We will talk about German-speaking countries and their culture. We will celebrate German holidays, make German crafts, taste German foods, listen to German music, and have German movie discussions.

    Are there any dues to be paid?
    Yes, there is a membership fee of $20.