Degrees and Certifications:

Judith Slowey-Brown

I am a graduate of V.T. (Go Hokies!), with an undergrad in Eng Lit. so, books are my jam! My previous career was in human resources and training in the hotel business. Serving and helping others is in my DNA!

 I happily assimilated to America as a native from the U.K. Many students when they first meet me say, " Mrs. Slowey-Brown you have a funny accent," they are correct! 

 I live in the community with our three children. Our seven-year-old labradoodle Ziggy is kind of glad I am back at school after being over exercised this summer!  

 I love traveling, being, rather than going to places. I am a yogi, 'runner' and my therapy is baking.

 Looking forward to my next chapter and getting to know and collaborate with you all for the success of all our students.