Mercer Middle School



    In order to better define the differentiated learning environment for high ability students offered to Spectrum participants, the following information provides a brief explanation of the rational, benefits, and description of the program.

    Spectrum, Loudoun County’s middle school superior learner program, provides enrichment opportunities to identified intellectually gifted students.
    The program acknowledges student intellect by offering varied learning opportunities to expand intellectual, social, emotional, and creative development.  Spectrum challenges students beyond the regular curriculum through instructional emphasis and increased frequency on higher level thinking processes through:


    •   Offering positive intellectual risk-taking without fear of grades.
    •   Developing initiative, creativity and leadership.
    •   Encouraging students to excel in their areas of interest and strengthens critical thinking skills. 
    •   Preparing students for a well-rounded future of lifelong learning.



    Spectrum is highlighted by an integrated curriculum approach.  The four core academic disciplines of mathematics, science, language arts, and social science are interwoven throughout the curriculum. The Spectrum curriculum remains fluid; offering varied learning opportunities based on student readiness and current trends.  


    Assessment in Spectrum is ongoing.  A formal semester report is issued to students at the conclusion of each semester in January and June.  Student evaluation occurs in the areas of critical thinking, problem solving, communication, leadership, intellectual curiosity, organization, and cooperative learning.

    I look forward to working as the facilitator with you and your child toward the goal of developing intellectual growth and continuing learning curiosity throughout his/her middle school experience.