• Guten Tag und Herzlich Willkommen!Krista Rogers, German Teacher

      I'm delighted to be at River Bend and Smarts Mill middle schools in 2021-22 as your German and Communications teacher. 

      Quick Links

      Syllabi/Course Descriptions:  German 1  German 2   LCPS Curriculum/Pacing Guides:  German 1   German 2

      Schoology page links (COMING): RBM Block 1, RBM Block 3, SMM Block 7, SMM Block 8. COMING SOON: a video on navigating these Schoology pages.

      Apps: Quizlet (Join the class! SMMS German 1SMMS German 2RBMS German 1RBMS German 2). Conjuguemos and This Is Language also require logging in. Here's a video on how to access and use these apps. (Quizlet from 0:00, Conjuguemos from 9:56, This Is Language from 19:45.)

      International Keyboard: To type special German characters, it's recommended that you install/enable the English International keyboard on your Chromebook/computer. Here's how (video). 

      Parents: View this video on what you can do to help your German student succeed.

      Upcoming Assignments: See the calendars in Schoology or Parent/StudentVUE. Generally we have a summative assignment due every week, alternating between minor summatives (quizzes) and major summatives (projects).

      Identify Missing Assignments: This is best done in Schoology using the "Grades" tab. Parents, here's a video on this and other parent Frequently Asked Questions.

      Improving a Bad Grade: Yes, it can be done (ASAP)! Here's what Frau Rogers recommends - see parent FAQ video beginning at 11:25

      Getting In-Person Help: I'm happy to stay after school to help! I am at River Bend on A days (Room A1) and Smarts Mill on B days (Room A8). I can usually stay until 4:30.

      Contact Frau Rogers: krista.rogers@lcps.org, call or text (571) 577-9683. Please include your/your student's name and school (SMM or RBM).

      Über Deutsch mit Frau Rogers (About German with Mrs. Rogers)

      The German you will learn in my classroom is limited. (What?!) That is to say, there is only a certain number of vocabulary words, verb endings, tenses, and sentence structures you will learn. But the ways you can put those words together, build your German, and go looking for more, is unlimited.

      We begin with YOUR answers to questions like: What's your favorite school subject? What do you do in your free time? What's your favorite thing to do on vacation? Have you ever injured yourself - what happened? What's your dream job? These are the topics we explore in German 1 and 2:

      German 1: All about me, school life, pastime activities, family, food

      German 2: Clothing, holidays and celebrations, homes, travel, careers and your dream career, health and wellness

      Next comes the HOW: How do you learn to express it in German? This takes exploration, too. We try out different apps, play games, explore German-language resources, create our own resources, and figure out what works best. In our classroom, the process of learning is just as important as the products.

      And, of course, we learn a lot about our audience: German speakers. What are some cultural differences, when it comes to the topics we explore? What things do we find we need to explain to German speakers - and to each other? How well do you really know the cultures of your fellow students? We will find out as we explore the cultures of German-speaking countries.

      About Mrs. Rogers

      At age 17 I left the tiny town of Johnsonburg in northwestern Pennsylvania to be an exchange student in Germany. It was the first step of a great adventure that, by way of Franklin & Marshall College, the University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Vienna in Austria, continues to this day. I am eager to find out what adventure awaits YOU!

      This is my fifth year teaching German, and my fourth year in Loudoun County. I came to teaching in 2013, after studying international affairs, spending nearly four years doing research in Germany and Austria, and working as a staffer and researcher in the public policy research world of Washington, DC. I look forward to getting to know you, exploring the German language and culture with you, and having a great school year. Taking a foreign language is a big step into the unknown, but one we will take together.

      View my favorite video on learning to speak a foreign language from the folks at Easy German.

      Contact Mrs. Rogers

      Students, see me in or after school - I can stay until about 4:30. I am at River Bend on A days (Room A1) and Smarts Mill on B days (Room A8).

      I can also be reached be e-mail or phone/text (571-577-9683). Please include your/your student's name and school (SMM or RBM).

      I look forward to a great school year with you!

      Herzlich Willkommen