• Welcome to Mercer!

    Hello, my name is Jennifer Sechrist.  I will be your son/daughter’s Health and Physical Education teacher.  This is my 27th year teaching HPE.  I taught Elementary P.E. for 8 years in Fauquier County.  This will be my nineteenth year teaching in Loudoun County at the middle school level.

    I thoroughly enjoy teaching!  Our body is an amazing machine!  I find it fun discussing the body systems in health while working out to “fine tune” most of them in the gym.  My philosophy is that physical education, and education in general, should be fun!  When you enjoy doing something, it is worth repeating, right?

    We all have strengths and weaknesses.  At the middle school level, there are specific units and SOLS to be taught.   Whether it is a strength or an area of weakness, I hope your child will expand his/her knowledge and skills allowing for an active lifestyle-now and throughout adulthood!  Now is a great and critical time to start creating healthy habits, both nutritionally and physically! Let's partner together to balance your child's health triangle mentally, emotionally, socially as well as physically and apply their knowledge to everyday life!

    Attached is a site that will enable you to challenge yourself, as well as your child.  Check it out…after all; our children do tend to model our behavior and habits!  Go ahead-see what they are asked to do to challenge their fitness levels.

    Fitnessgram Wellness Tests:  Health and Physical Educator's of Loudoun County Public Schools do not perform any variation of a Body Composition test on the students.  We do, however, encourage you to have a conversation with your pediatrician or family doctor regarding any concerns for the overall health of your child on a regular basis.

    President's Fitness Challenge

    Activity Portfolio-select this if you are interested in setting specific goals to improve your level of fitness.  This is another great way for your family to be active together and increase your overall wellness.  Having support from others is always beneficial when attempting to change habits.  This portfolio will take you step by step and guide you to setting behavioral goals as individuals, then as a family.  What a win-win situation!  Have a blast together!