Degrees and Certifications:

Indiana University, BFA Graphic Design Shenandoah University, Career Switcher

Mrs. Cathy McCarty

Hello all! I am excited to start my first official year as an LCPS teacher and am lucky enough to be a Rock Ridge Phoenix!

Briefly about me:

I am a career switcher from over a decade of graphic design experience. I have a BFA from Indiana University and have worked for various advertising agencies, corporations and as a freelancer for a while. While I know my background isn't the traditional route for teachers, I am happy to see it is becoming more common - The experience I am able to bring to the classroom, simply from living life, can impart an extra spark that I feel is special for the kids coming up through school now. I have a real world perspective on a lot of things and feel that helps the students better see how art may be an option for a legitimate career - think architect or product designer... the list could go on...

With all that being said - I really enjoy getting my hands into all forms of art! I love ceramics and hand building with clay or other materials. My favorite artists over time have been Mark Rothko, Wasily Kandinsky and Ansel Adams. I'd consider myself a generalist though when it comes to claiming a specialty outside of my graphic design experience. I will dabble in all the things. So let's make this a great year - returning to the building fresh from a crazy 2020/21!


Please don't hesitate to reach out if you ever have questions - I am happy to chat or ask questions if I don't know the answer!


A Days

Block 1 Art 1
Block 2 Planning
Block 3 Art 1
Block 4 Graphic Design


B Days

Site Sub @ RRH

  • Room 1826

    Fine Arts Hallway

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